Major Project Overhaul

Unfortunately, the method of data collection we had employed for this project (namely MySQL) has caused HDL (our generous site host) many problems. It was bad enough that they were forced to shut down the website. We want to say that the development team is very sorry for the problems caused. These problems have prompted us to re-evaluate how the site manages the data from a location and we have just completed the launch of a new database free method. This should allow us to stay in the good graces of HDL and it is a more direct approach to the data.

Ypsilanti Food Cooperative Panel Installation

The Ypsilanti Food Cooperative has completed the installation of the final 7 panels on its roof. All 12 panels have been physically installed, but they are now wired in and producing power! We are expecting to see outflow on a more regular basis now because sunny days should allow for the production of more power than the store consumes.

We are working on putting a running counter of the money saved on the website so we can show that Ypsilanti is saving money on its energy bills with these solar panels.