City Hall is Generating Power

All –

After about three years of effort by *lots* of people, we can all be proud that the City of Ypsilanti City Hall is now solar powered.

DTE came last Friday and installed the generation meter and commissioned the system. I stopped by on Saturday and can see that we’re generating power. The generation meter is what’s coming from the solar panels and as of about Saturday afternoon we had already generated 5 KWH of power. The other two meters are of the power we purchased from DTE (1.7*80) 136 KWH and any power we exported back to the utility grid (0*80) zero.

If you haven’t seen the pictures of the installation process, you can still find them, on the website.

With the meters installed we have one last task to complete for this project. We need to connected the meter reading laptop to the utility meters and continuously read the meters and post the information to so we all can watch the power being generated day after day. This will also help us understand the power being consumed by City Hall and maybe we can find ways to make it more efficient.

As always, thank you for supporting this project. We’ll have an “official” unveiling once the meters are displaying power on the website.