Ypsilanti City Hall now 2% Solar Powered

I was looking at the monthly bar charts for the City of Ypsilanti’s City Hall and calculate that they are now about 2% solar powered.

City Hall Monthly Power
City Hall Monthly Power

If you go to the chart here and hover your mouse over the bars, it will show you the numerical value of that bar. Doing this for all the bars for both the red and yellow parts I get these numbers.

Month       Solar         DTE       Percent_solar
April          251.0         6400               3.9%
May          204.0         6500               3.1%
June            82.6          5700               1.5%
July           341.3       16000              2.1%
August      331.1        13700              2.4%

You can really see the air conditioning kicking in during the summer. If I average the percent solar, City Hall is about 2.6% solar powered. Pretty close to my guess of 2%. When some more energy conservation, we hope that percentage goes up.