River Street Bakery solar generation graphs online

Recall that back in October we got the River Street Bakery solar installation up and running. We had a little bit of trouble with the monitoring program, but it’s up and running and you can now watch the power being generated at the Bakery, here.

This will be an interesting graph to watch because the solar installation was designed to make the Bakery near 100% solar powered, exporting excess power during the day and bringing it back in during the evenings.

The City Hall project made that building about 3% solar powered and the original Ypsi Food Coop project made that portion of the building about 50% solar powered.

Currently the Bakery is only running about 30% solar powered but we’re in the dead of winter and hope to make up the difference during the summer. We also have one tree to trim to improve the installation’s efficiency.

I’d like to thank volunteers Paul Haas, Jon Keim, and Nik Estep for helping me with my laptop data collector troubles, getting the display computer running at the store, and turning on the Bakery section of the website.

Our next project will hopefully be at Adams School. I’ve already met with Principal Dr. Connie Thompson, and we’ve filled out an application for a ~3KW system with the Michigan Renewable School Program. I hope to meet with Superintendent Dedrick Martin soon to figure out how to raise $4000 in matching funds.

Stop by the Ypsi Food Coop to purchase a loaf of River Street bread made with 100% renewable energies. Photovoltaic for the electricity and wood for the baking. They also have SolarYpsi T-shirts.

9 thoughts on “River Street Bakery solar generation graphs online”

  1. I’m confused by your online graphs. Shouldn’t the vertical axis be Watts or kW instead of Watt Hours? Or should I multiply the readings by 12 to get watts, i.e. 350 Watt Hours * 60 min/hr /5 min per reading = 4200 Watts.

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