Adams S.T.E.M. Academy Solar Power Monitoring Now Online

Late last year Adams School applied for a solar grant from the Michigan Renewable School Program and was awarded a solar installation. Last spring Windemuller Electric, Inc. installed a 2.4 KW solar photovoltaic system. The system has been running all summer offsetting Adams electrical usage. You can see the solar power generation at Adams School on Powerdash from a link on the Michigan Renewable School Program website or by clicking here.

SolarYpsi successfully worked with DTE Energy and the school to create a publicly accessible monitoring solution. Utilizing  a re-purposed generation meter and laptop computer we are now able to monitor the solar power produced and the total power being consumed at the school in real time on the website. It took a while, but as of Sept 1st, Adams School’s power is now being monitored. You can see pictures of the solar panels being installed and the graphs here.