SolarYpsi outages, moved to a new server

Well by now I’m guessing everyone has already seen the SolarYpsi video that Google made. As of Oct 8th it has over 125,000 views. This video has also caused a ton of traffic on the website. We were consuming the majority of the processing power on the server so we shut it off for a while. The traffic hasn’t tailed off yet, so last Friday we moved to a new and faster server. Many thanks to for hosting and putting up with us and to Nik Estep who straighten out the website code after the move. As of Saturday night the website is mostly back together and I’ve been adding more content.

Sorry for the outage, and let me know if you see anything not working correctly.

2 thoughts on “SolarYpsi outages, moved to a new server”

  1. Hey Dave,

    “Well by now I’m guessing everyone has already seen the SolarYpsi video that Google made.”

    Keep guessing.

    You may have to increase server capability again, after the Google video was seen nationally on the pregame for NBC Sunday Night Football, tonight. At the very least you’ll become the local poster boy for old computer geeks who have learned to evolve into new and exciting areas of technology. Good for you!

    Sincere congratulations on your efforts in reducing our dependance on non-renewable, polluting energy sources.

    Best regards,
    Ken Holsgrove
    ex-Pyramid Systems & ex-Fakespace Systems

  2. I would concur that the traffic flows may continue to rise for a while, as the propagation of the message is gaining momentum… Hopefully you’re IT folks will keep a closer eye on the performance metrics, and have purchased a server that is upgradable quickly on short notice. Overprosioning up front is always the key… (my view on solar installations as well)

    I’m glad I’ve seen the spot though… I was not aware of the progress that you’ve made over in Ypsi. Congratulations to all involved! It’s long overdue.

    Keep up the good work.

    IT Systems Architect

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