Enphase Data Integration

There exists a company out in the wild called Enphase Energy that makes various solar related products, one of which is called Enlighten. This is software that allows an owner of a solar panel array to track the amount of electricity generated by the array. This data is also uploaded to an Enphase website and the data is made available for download. We here at SolarYpsi have begun developing a procedure that will download this Enphase data for 403 Huron St and make the solar generation curves available through SolarYpsi.org. The early fruits of our labor are already visible! Do note that data may look strange or might even disappear as the kinks get worked out, but it will come back, we promise!

One of the most exciting things with this addition to SolarYpsi is the relative ease with which new installations can be added to SolarYpsi. Anybody who is using Enphase products can be included on our website with only a few minutes worth of work and without the need for one of our old laptops. There are already a couple of other locations that may be coming online soon!

Bakery Data Collector Back Online

Sorry for the lost of data, but the bakery data collector laptop died. It stopped working one day and when I went to investigate the laptop was powered off. I turned it back on and restarted the program. It worked for several days and then stopped again. Again it was powered off. I started it again and it ran for several hours and then quit again.

Finally I took it home and took it apart. I found that the heat sink fan was not spinning and filled with a lot of lint. I need to remember to clean the old laptops before I use them as data collectors. I have ordered a new/used heat sink fan.

In the mean time, I had another old laptop available and was able to swap the hard drives and get it running at the bakery data collector.

Hopefully this laptop will last longer.