Solar powered wireless internet radio in Frog Island

The next time you are hanging out in Ypsilanti’s Frog Island, bring your laptop and connect to WirelessYpsi. About a month ago SolarYpsi and WirelessYpsi teamed up to install a solar power wireless internet radio on a pole on the North end of Frog Island. It is located at the North end of the community gardens. The radio at the top of the pole is powered by a small battery inside the box and recharged by the solar panel beneath it. When someone connects to WirelessYpsi, their laptop will connect to this radio and it will relay the signal to other WirelessYpsi radios until it finds a gateway radio to connect it to the internet. You can see some installation pictures on the installation page under WirelessYpsi Solar Radio. Thanks to Steve Pierce from HDL and WirelessYpsi for funding this project.

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