Solar Performance of 403 S. Huron for the Past Year

Kevin Krzyzanski the owner of 403 S. Huron sent me this note the other day about the solar performance at his rental.

Overall, I am thrilled with the performance of my system. The roof panels outperformed the carport panels by 37% for two obvious reasons — tilt and shading. However, having the microinverters in the back definitely minimized the impact of the shading and has proven to be a good choice in that regard.

Overall, the system generated around 12,900kWh in its first full year of operation. That equates to a little over 35kWh per day. It also means that, even with the shading issues, I received around 65% of the power (in AC) that the array was capable of (in DC). The numbers are skewed, however, due to the size of the carport array. The rooftop panels actually converted 92% of their expected DC power into AC power, which was very much in line with what the installers had told me the microinverters were capable of.

The overall energy was lower than anticipated (again, due to the slightly lower output of the carport array versus the anticipated totals) but after a full year of actual numbers, my payback has only adjusted from 5-6 years to 7-8 years, still a very quick ROI.

One thing of note for your personal knowledge bank — my 55 panel array was only completely up for a total of 60-80 days. The rest of the time, *at least* one microinverter was down. EnPhase was quick to send out replacements and my installer was quick to do the swap. But I had 6 of the 55 inverters fail at one point or another. I’m hopeful that Enphase gets the bugs out in the next few years while I’m still under warranty but it’s definitely something that I felt you should know about. Reliability with the Enphase microinverters could be an issue.

Hopefully with the failing EnPhase microinverters out of the system, he’ll be making more power next year.

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