Migrid Michigan Clean Energy Roadshow Trailer

The Michigan Clean Energy Roadshow took place from August 23 to August 29. During the trip, they visited over 30 clean energy installations, including several in Ypsilanti. The types of technologies included wind, solar PV, solar hot water, and geothermal. They also interviewed approximately 25 installation owners, experts, and organization representatives that have a stake in the clean energy economy in Michigan. You can see a brief video of their trip through Michigan here and see many (but not all) of the places that they visited. To see another more general informational video that describes the motivation behind some of MiGrid’s work, please feel free to watch another video here.

Over the course of the trip their belief in clean energy’s potential for Michigan’s economy and for Michigan’s people was reaffirmed. Capturing the stories behind Michigan’s clean energy successes, the Michigan Clean Energy Roadshow is just the beginning of MiGrid’s efforts to educate, engage, and empower Michigan residents to create a clean energy economy that is by and for people. In the coming months, MiGrid will be unveiling more ways to leverage visual media to promote the development of clean energy in Michigan. This will include more videos and the full launch of our website depicting clean energy installations throughout the state. They will be sending more information on their progress as they continue to work toward the vision of a clean energy economy in Michigan. In the meantime, please feel free to follow them on twitter (@mi_grid ) to keep up-to-date on their work and on unfolding clean energy stories in Michigan.