Go Solar Ypsi Community Action Meeting – Feb 13th

Hello SolarYpsi Supporters,

Since the defeat of proposal 3, Environment Michigan has decided to build more grass root support for solar power in Michigan. They have decided to start this in Ypsilanti since we already have a great support for solar power.

Here is an invitation to come join them at their Community Action Meeting on February 13th!

We’re are working to get City Council to set an ambitious solar goal for our city, establish programs that will put solar on more homes and businesses, and install solar panels on more public buildings and schools.

Environment Michigan has a plan to demonstrate overwhelming support for solar energy in Ypsilanti– and your involvement will be critical to pulling it off! Come learn more and get involved at a Community Action Meeting on February 13th!

It would be fantastic if you could also bring any friends or family to this community action meeting and spread the word by forwarding this invitation via email or sharing the event on Facebook. City Council won’t be convinced unless they feel this is something the residents of Ypsilanti want.

RSVP to the Community Action Meeting at Growing Hope on February 13th at 7:00pm.

I hope to see you there. Together, we can make Ypsilanti a “Solar Destination”.

Catherine Baxter
Environment Michigan

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