Go Solar Community Forum

Thanks to many ideas and time from you we are pulling together the Go Solar Community Forum!

It is going to be held at Corner Brewery on March 26th, 7 to 8 pm. It is sure to be an exciting night and the hope is to both educate citizens about solar power and to show City Council an outpouring of public support for solar power to get them to set a goal this spring of 1,000 solar roofs by 2020. We have great speakers lined up: Dave Strenski from SolarYpsi, Mayor Schreiber, Shane LaHousse from Renovo Solar, and more are still confirming…

To make this a huge success, we want to get 70 people to the Forum and that is where you come in.

Can you RSVP to attend and then forward this invitation via email to 5 friends and family so we can pack the room at the Go Solar Community Forum?

Mark your calendars and spread the word!

See you on the 26th,

State Associate
Environment Michigan

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SolarYpsi in Ambassador Magazine

SolarYpsi took part in an energy round table last winter. Here are the results, published in the January/February issue of Ambassador magazine. Here is a snip from the article.

Energy powers the 21st century American way of life. It is quite literally the driving force of our economy, and it permeates every aspect of our society. It is required for everything from the laptop I type on, to the lamp that shines on this page as you read, to the printing presses, the paper, the ink, and the desks in the Ambassador offices in between.

This month for our regular roundtable discussion, Ambassador assembled a diverse panel of experts at the Ferndale Public Library to illuminate us on a topic that most of us take for granted.

Read the full article here.