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SolarYpsi took part in an energy round table last winter. Here are the results, published in the January/February issue of Ambassador magazine. Here is a snip from the article.

Energy powers the 21st century American way of life. It is quite literally the driving force of our economy, and it permeates every aspect of our society. It is required for everything from the laptop I type on, to the lamp that shines on this page as you read, to the printing presses, the paper, the ink, and the desks in the Ambassador offices in between.

This month for our regular roundtable discussion, Ambassador assembled a diverse panel of experts at the Ferndale Public Library to illuminate us on a topic that most of us take for granted.

Read the full article here.

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  1. I echo Mark’s sentiments. As both an Ypsilanti resndeit and EMU faculty member, (and an prior neighbor of Mark’s) I recognize the need for creative and consistent community relations. I encourage the EMU community to seek ways to apply their scholarship in the public sphere. Such applications can help to foster connections and possibilities for years to come.I applied for a grant that will support a community based arts (performance, primarily) project addressing specifically race and discrimination. This is not the university simply creating fly-by-night programming but creating with the community and for the community. I arrived at the theme after talking with several community members/leaders (also surveying local blogs including Mark’s) about what they believe to be a city issue in need of addressing. 10 Graduate students will be working and collaborating with 20 Ypsilanti High students from the Saturday Scholar’s program. They will initiate 8 community dialogues (on the city, race and discrimination) with various community/city groups and stakeholders over a period of several months. These dialogues will serve as the impetus for a community based performance at the Riverside Arts Center that will catalyze a community dialogue. This is a year-long project hopefully leading to a yearly community arts program/project with the city and the university. That’s the dream. Has been mine for awhile. Hopefully, community members in addition to contributing to the dialogue will become part of the performance as well. Arts as a means of civic dialogue so, here is one way the university is building a bridge.

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