Germany Breaks Solar Power Record with 5.1 THh

My friend Steve sent me this article the other day about Germany breaking a world record for the production of solar power, 5.1 TWh (tera-watt-hours) for the month of July 2013.

Germany broke world solar power generation record in July with 5.1 TWh, leaving U.S. in dust

What makes this amazing is that Germany get’s far less sun then the U.S. Even cloudy Michigan get about 4 hours of peak sun per day and Germany get’s 3 hours per day.

Here in Ypsilanti we continue towards our goal of getting a 1000 solar roofs. I was wondering if that happened, how would we stack up against Germany. Further down in the article it talks about Germany having 400MW of solar capacity per million people. Ypsi has about 20,000 people. If we could get 5KW on a 1000 roofs we would have 5MW per 20,000 people or 250MW per million people. So Germany as a country is doing far better than even the ambitious goal we have set.

We need to install a lot more solar power in Ypsilanti, to even come close to Germany.