Used Solar Parts Available from EcoWorks Detroit

Our friends at EcoWorks in Detroit contacted me to say that they have some used solar equipment for sale. Looks like a good deal to me.

36 Kyocera solar panels, 200 Watt  Model# KC200GT Very Good Condition  $175.00 Each ($0.87.5/watt) (datasheet)

38-40 Batteries – 6-volt sealed, Discovery Batteries these batteries, new are listed at $499.00 each on sale. These were used for a solar house project for Lawrence Tech University. Asking $250.00 each

Used Outback Solar Power System Flex Ware. This item is brand new and goes for $436.00, we are selling it for $250.00

Amtrol Classic Series;  Boiler Mate- Storage Tank/Heat Exchanger 26 Gallon for $200.00.

And some miscellaneous connection equip, etc. 

We can send pictures, etc. Interested? If so, contact Joyce Romero or 313-494-4736

Energy Analyst
o. 313.494.4736
EcoWorks | Building Energy Solutions
4835 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48210

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