Books about Solar Power at the Ypsilanti District Library

Here is a short review about books about solar power that are available at our local library.

The easy guide to solar electric / Adi Pieper
230 pages published in 2001. This book is a bit dated, but looks like a fun read.

Homeowner’s guide to energy independence : alternative power sources for the average American / Christine Woodside
178 pages published in 2006. This book is more up to date and cover more that solar power including biofuels, wind wood, and conservation.

Power from the sun : achieving energy independence / Dan Chiras, with Robert Aram and Kurt Nelson
255 pages published in 2009. This is a great book to learn about solar electricity. Lots of details and also covers energy conservation.

Solar power for your home / David S. Findley
198 pages published in 2010. Another good book about solar electricity power.

Got sun? Go solar. Get free renewable energy to power your grid-tied home / Rex A. Ewing and Doug Pratt
158 pages published in 2005. This book is specific to grid-tied solar electric power, which is exactly wjhat we need in Ypsilanti, however being published in 2005 the information is a bit dated.

Solar power your home for dummies / by Rik DeGunther
366 pages published in 2008. This is a classic “for Dummies” book and very nuts&bolts about adding solar power to your home.

Practical photovoltaics : electricity from solar cells / Richard J. Komp
196 pages published in 1984. I didn’t actually check this book out, but it sounds a bit more technical, and being published in 1984 the material is a bit dated.

Solar energy / Graham Rickard
32 pages published in 1991. This is another book that I didn’t check out, but it comes from the Youth selection and only has 32 pages. This might be a good book to get the very basics about solar power.

Solar power / by Josepha Sherman
32 pages published in 2004. This is another book from the youth section of the library and give a nice summary of the basics of solar power.

If you enter “solar power” in the search box, you’ll come up with 57 items. The local library is a good place to start if you want to learn about solar power. I’ll be returning all the solar books I checked out tomorrow, so they will be available soon.

National Solar Tour in Ypsilanti

National Solar Tour in Ypsilanti

Who: Anyone interested in solar power.

What: Ypsilanti will be taking part in the National Solar Tour again this year. There are 39 solar installations on the SolarYpsi map with 21 of those inside Ypsilanti’s city limits. Many of these locations are within walking distance of each other and have solar panels that are visible from the street. Dave Strenski will be at Ypsilanti’s City Hall’s parking lot at 1 South Huron talking about solar power. Stop by and say hello and get your solar questions answered. We’ll have site markers set up at many of the locations to make them easier to find.

When: Saturday, October 4th from 10:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Where: Ypsilanti’s City Hall at 1 South Huron and all around town. See for map.

Contact: Dave Strenski, email: [email protected]


Not able to make the tour? Then take our virtual tour created by Cameron Getto. Glover House (118 S.Washington), City Hall (1 S. Huron), Ypsi Food Co-Op (312 N. River), Corner Brewery (720 Norris), Strenski(323 Oak), GW Kent(506 S. Huron), Bashert(909 Grant), McAulay(280 Bellers Court), Krzyzanski(403 S. Huron) and Munger Road.

You can also learn about solar power in Ypsilanti by watching this TEDx talk.

SolarYpsi Press Release

Anonymous Donor Funds Solar Energy for Six Ypsilanti Organizations

An anonymous donor has selected six Ypsilanti non-profit organizations to receive 5KW solar power installations on their rooftops. Earlier this summer the donor contacted SolarYpsi, wondering how to support renewable energy. Volunteers at SolarYpsi suggested finding local organizations that have buildings suitable for a 5 kilowatt solar installation.

From a list of Ypsilanti organizations, the donor selected these six: Corner Health Center at 47 N. Huron Street (, Ypsilanti Senior/Community Center at 1015 N. Congress (, Parkridge Community Center at 591 Armstrong, the Michigan Avenue branch of the Ypsilanti District Library at 229 W. Michigan Ave, (, Ypsilanti Department of Public Services offices at 14 W. Forest, and Washtenaw International High School at 510 Emerick St (

By coordinating these projects as one job, SolarYpsi was able to collect bids with lower overall pricing, than the cost of six separate projects. The winning contractor is S.U.R Energy of Ann
Arbor, which offered an average install price of under $3 per watt. All work is expected to be completed this year.

Donating money for renewable energy is a great way to support an organization. By giving funds directly to the organization, with quotes already in place, there is zero administration overhead. The solar power will significantly reduce their operating budgets, so the organization can focus more resources on the good work they do for the community. It’s the gift that keeps on giving–for30 years!

These installations also help Ypsilanti move closer to its goal of 1000 solar roofs by 2020. To date Ypsilanti has about two dozen solar installations, with at least another dozen installations happening this year, including these six.

Since 2005 SolarYpsi has been working to make Ypsilanti a “Solar Destination”, shining the way to a future filled with renewable energies. Hopefully this donation, which comes from outside the community, will inspire more residents and businesses in Ypsilanti to consider solar power.