Petition Asking DTE to Build the Solar Array in Ypsilanti

DTE, Please Build your Solar Array In Ypsilanti

Dear DTE,

I love Ypsilanti and I support Solar. The Ypsilanti location is the smart choice for DTE and Ypsilanti and the solar farm as it reuses a landfill. The location has high visibility with over 100,000 cars pass it along I-94 every day and the property is immediately available. 


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In the Fall of 2012, DTE Energy asked communities for locations to install a large solar array from 500KW up to 2MW. DTE said that they would prefer locations in Detroit and along major expressways like I-94. more.

Solar installer SunDurance and the City of Ypsilanti responded with a proposal to install the solar array on the long abandoned City owned landfill along I-94 near Huron Street, exit 183.


Here are a couple of news articles about the project.
Ypsilanti officials optimistic about proposed $4M DTE Energy solar project on former landfill
DTE Energy: Proposed $4M Ypsilanti solar array project moving onto final selection round
With Ann Arbor airport solar plans stalled, Ypsilanti re-pitches DTE for array near I-94

Ypsilanti is Shovel Ready. The City Council has already approved the agreement. The location meets DTE’s requirement for high visibility along I-94 with over 100,000 cars driving past every day. Old landfills are a perfect location for a solar array making use of land that would otherwise sit idle forever. A ballasted solar rack design has no ground penetrations and poses little to no risk of disturbing the landfill’s contents. Ypsilanti is already very pro solar and well on it’s way of making itself a “Solar Destination”. Here are some other solar landfill examples.
Solar Landfills: the Future?
Hickory Ridge Landfill Solar Energy Cover

Share this with your friends and ask everyone you know to sign the petition. You don’t have to live in Ypsilanti to sign the petition and only your Name and City will be shared with DTE.

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18 thoughts on “Petition Asking DTE to Build the Solar Array in Ypsilanti”

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