Ribbon Cutting at WiHi School and Ypsilanti Library

Five of the six solar installations from the anonymous donor are done. The final location, the carport at the Ypsilanti Department of Public Service, is just about done and when it’s roofed, the solar contractor will install the solar panels.

We had two more ribbon cuttings in the past couple of weeks, one at the Washtenaw International High School and one at the Michigan Branch of the Ypsilanti District Library. You can find pictures on their SolarYpsi pages, but here are two.

Ribbon Cutting at WiHi School
Ribbon Cutting at WiHi School
Ribbon Cutting at Ypsilanti District Library
Ribbon Cutting at Ypsilanti District Library

If you haven’t seen these installations yet, here are some aerial videos Cameron Getto put together.
Video of WiHi solar installation
Video of Ypsi Library solar installation

We also have live monitoring of the power being generated at these two locations. You can see those number here:
Live power monitoring at WiHi school
Live power monitoring at the Ypsilanti District Library

We’re scheduling the ribbon cutting for the Senior Center. Look for an invitation soon.

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