Ypsilanti in the Lead for Installed Solar Power

Today on WEMU I heard that Ann Arbor announced that they want to be a “Solar Ready” city, Ann Arbor Wants To Become A ‘Solar Ready’ Community”. What’s interesting is the article says they currently have about 150kW of installed solar. I always wondered how much solar power our neighbors to the west had installed.

“As part of the city’s climate action plan, the council is considering approving a resolution to make Ann Arbor a “solar ready community.” They want to generate 24 megawatts by the year 2025. Council member Chip Smith from the 5th ward says right now that number is about 150 kilowatts a year.”

I checked the SolarYpsi map today and Ypsilanti has 184.6 kW of installed solar! This is pretty impressive for a city 1/5th the size.


In the spirit of friendly competition, I encourage all Ypsilantian to call a solar contractor today and get a quote for your home. The typical home needs about 5kW to be 100% solar powered, but something as small at 3kW can still make economic sense. At about $3/watt installed, so a 3kW system could cost about $10,000 and you’ll get 30% of that back on your Federal taxes.

SolarYpsi is also seeking funds to make solar rebates through the City. If anyone has any leads on philanthropic people/organizations that would be willing to fund a solar rebate project, please contact me.

Install some solar on your home today and keep Ypsilanti in the lead.

2 thoughts on “Ypsilanti in the Lead for Installed Solar Power”

  1. Looks like Ann Arbor has some solar competition! A solar energy competition between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti is a competition I welcome with open arms. Bring it on! Unlike fossil fuels, solar is a win-win for our citizens, communities, region, state, nation and planet. I look forward to the day when our business, faith, education and public policy thought leaders all join in this competition alongside our local solar hero’s (i.e., those who have/are installing solar systems in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti).

    Mark H. Clevey, Vice Chairperson
    Ann Arbor Energy Commission and
    Chairperson, Solar Subcommittee

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