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New Data Chart, Outflow, and Updated Code

A new usage chart has been created to display the amount of electricity used by a location and how much of that electricity was generated by the solar panels. The code that created this has been added to the PHP package and the package was updated on the website.

Today (May 10, 2009) the Ypsilanti Food Cooperative generated enough electricity through the solar panels that some electricity was put back into the electricity grid for credit from DTE. This is the first time we have seen this happen since meter monitoring went online on April 17, 2009.

New Website Functionality and Updated Code

The current weather conditions are now displayed on the webpage so the solar generation output makes more sense. The sunnier it is, the higher the generation. You can also now view previous day and week charts for any generation site. Sunrise, local noon, and sunset times are displayed on the daily chart now and back through May 2nd. Small layout changes were also made.

The PHP code available through the website now has a sample index page and includes the javascript related to the charts that is used on the website and the FusionCharts Free chart used to display the data. Back Online

For those of you that were wondering, the website has been offline for about 24 hours because development efforts caused the crash of the MySQL database server provided by HDL (our hosting company). They took our site offline as a result. The problems have been fixed and we were able to use the TREADS server at Eastern Michigan University to continue to collect data during the site outage. We apologize for the inconvience we have caused HDL.

That being said, the system has been put back online as it was the evening of Saturday May 2nd. You may notice gaps in the graphs from the past few days. They are a result of the system migration efforts.

Data Collection Moved

The development of the live meter monitoring was occurring on a test server managed by a computer science research team at Eastern Michigan University, but this afternoon all data collection duties were moved to the website. This is a big step for the project because we now have all of our resources on the website.