Two Month Update

We continue to make progress on the Ypsilanti City Hall Solar project.

The panels are bought and stored at the Ypsi Food Cooperative. The electrical schematic is finished and online. We just finished taking bids from electricians for wiring the solar power into the build, and will be hiring the electrician soon.

We have finished the rack design and submitted the parts list to UniStrut for a quote.

We have gotten a quote from Hilti for the HY 150-max epoxy anchors.

We have just finished another two-month progress report for the State of Michigan.  Previous progress reports are also available:

We hope to install the panels on City Hall in late May early June.

The best progress in the past two months came from volunteers Prof. Bill Sverdlik and his student Nik Estep. They have been working on the solar/utility power monitoring program. Recall that as part of this project we will have an online monitor that will show power being generated, power flowing into the building from DTE, and any power flowing out of the building to be credited with DTE. With networking/linux help from volunteers Paul Haas and Jon Keim, we were able to connect a laptop in the Ypsi Food Coop, to the utility meters and the internet. Nik Estep has been able finish the laptop program that continuously polls the utility meters for pulses and then sends that information to a database at That website, generously provided by, then generates real time graphs of the generation, inflow, and outflow power.

You can see these graphs for the Ypsi Food Coop at Zoom in and click on the Cooperative’s button and select <site details>. (here’s a short cut link: Food Coop Details)

Once we get the panels installed at City Hall, we will make similar graphs for City Hall’s generation, inflow, and outflow power. This has already been effective at saving energy at the Cooperative, since we were able to quickly tell that the lights were left on one night.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected] The next Solar Presentation will be at the Ypsi Food Coop on May 30th, or call the Cooperative to schedule your own presentation. Back Online

For those of you that were wondering, the website has been offline for about 24 hours because development efforts caused the crash of the MySQL database server provided by HDL (our hosting company). They took our site offline as a result. The problems have been fixed and we were able to use the TREADS server at Eastern Michigan University to continue to collect data during the site outage. We apologize for the inconvience we have caused HDL.

That being said, the system has been put back online as it was the evening of Saturday May 2nd. You may notice gaps in the graphs from the past few days. They are a result of the system migration efforts.

Data Collection Moved

The development of the live meter monitoring was occurring on a test server managed by a computer science research team at Eastern Michigan University, but this afternoon all data collection duties were moved to the website. This is a big step for the project because we now have all of our resources on the website.