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Ypsilanti a “solar Leader” in Environment America report

Imaging my surprise when I opened the latest Environment America Shining Cities 2019 report and searched for Michigan. I wanted to see which Michigan cities were doing well in solar power and who did I find? Ypsilanti Michigan!

I’ve been saying for quite a while that Ypsilanti has been doing a great job with installing solar power and ranked in the top 20 of solar cities nationwide on a watt per capita basis. We’re still not listed in the top ranking found on page 7, but wait, we got our own paragraph on page 27 in the “Smaller Cities and Towns Are Going Big on Solar Energy” section.

While our watts per capita continues to grow, currently at (1,177,555 watts / 21,076 people) 55.6 watts/capita, the competition continues to install solar at a faster rate. If we were on today’s list, we would have dropped to 21st place. Bummer….. Come on follow Ypsilantians, let’s installing more solar!

Enjoy the report and see how we rank against other major cities in the US. We’re currently just behind San Francisco. If we could get the landfill project to move forward we would double our solar capacity. There are many large roofs on South Mansfield that could also easily double the amount of installed power. There are thousands of residential homes that could go solar. We may not get to 17 MW of solar power and make it to the #1 slot, but we could easily be in the top 10. Install solar on your home or business today.

Ypsilanti mentioned in Environment America’s Shining City 2019 report.

We’re Number 18! Better than San Francisco in Watts per Capita

With all the recent solar installations going on in the City of Ypsilanti, I looked are our totals on the pie chart on the home page. We are currently sitting at 1,154,385 watts or 1.15MW. This is a bit conservative, since I know of a couple of solar installation that are not on SolarYpsi yet.

Looking at our current population on the Ypsilanti Wiki page, there are 21,076 people living in the city. Dividing 1,154,385 watts by 21,076 people we have 54.77 watts per capita.

Then looking at the 2018 Environment America Shining City report, page 7, I can see that San Francisco is ranked #18 with 54.1 watt/capita and Washington DC is ranked #17 with 69.4 watts/capita.

That makes Ypsilanti number #18 in the national for solar on a watts per capita basis. Woohoo!!

Granted we’re a small city, but something we can all be proud of achieving. Let’s install more solar power and shoot for over taking Honolulu and being #1. Call a solar contractor today and get a quote.