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Ypsi Food Coop Solar Installation Ribbon cutting

Come join us at the ribbon cutting for the third solar installation at the Ypsilanti Food Cooperative. You can view the FaceBook invitation here.

The system is using Evergreen panels and Enphase micro inverters. We were able to get the installation cost under $3/watt. Here is a break down of the costs.

    solar panels  - $0.90/watt    (includes shipping and tax)
    inverters     - $0.98/watt
    racking       - $0.48/watt
    wire/hardware - $0.41/watt
    permits       - $0.07/watt
    electrician   - $0.15/watt

Many thanks to Chuck Hookham who reviewed the structural design of the rack for the solar panels and the many volunteers that helped haul, lift, rack, wire, and supported this project.

Here is a video of Josie explaining how the new solar installation.

Hope to see you at the ribbon cutting.