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Books about Solar Power at the Ypsilanti District Library

Here is a short review about books about solar power that are available at our local library.

The easy guide to solar electric / Adi Pieper
230 pages published in 2001. This book is a bit dated, but looks like a fun read.

Homeowner’s guide to energy independence : alternative power sources for the average American / Christine Woodside
178 pages published in 2006. This book is more up to date and cover more that solar power including biofuels, wind wood, and conservation.

Power from the sun : achieving energy independence / Dan Chiras, with Robert Aram and Kurt Nelson
255 pages published in 2009. This is a great book to learn about solar electricity. Lots of details and also covers energy conservation.

Solar power for your home / David S. Findley
198 pages published in 2010. Another good book about solar electricity power.

Got sun? Go solar. Get free renewable energy to power your grid-tied home / Rex A. Ewing and Doug Pratt
158 pages published in 2005. This book is specific to grid-tied solar electric power, which is exactly wjhat we need in Ypsilanti, however being published in 2005 the information is a bit dated.

Solar power your home for dummies / by Rik DeGunther
366 pages published in 2008. This is a classic “for Dummies” book and very nuts&bolts about adding solar power to your home.

Practical photovoltaics : electricity from solar cells / Richard J. Komp
196 pages published in 1984. I didn’t actually check this book out, but it sounds a bit more technical, and being published in 1984 the material is a bit dated.

Solar energy / Graham Rickard
32 pages published in 1991. This is another book that I didn’t check out, but it comes from the Youth selection and only has 32 pages. This might be a good book to get the very basics about solar power.

Solar power / by Josepha Sherman
32 pages published in 2004. This is another book from the youth section of the library and give a nice summary of the basics of solar power.

If you enter “solar power” in the search box, you’ll come up with 57 items. The local library is a good place to start if you want to learn about solar power. I’ll be returning all the solar books I checked out tomorrow, so they will be available soon.